Construction of Binh Duong factory infrastructure

Factory infrastructure includes many different projects with their own roles and tasks. However, when the entire system is linked together, it creates convenience and smoothness for the business’s operations. Therefore, the construction of factory infrastructure is very necessary. With flexible and quick construction methods, ANSAKO has provided customers with factory infrastructure construction services in Binh Duong with guaranteed quality.

Factory infrastructure works

Transport works

Internal traffic works are usually roads located in the area of operation between factories or workshops of the enterprise. The traffic system includes roads, signs, road markings, sidewalks, etc. Building a factory traffic system is quite simple and does not cost too much to build.

Xây dựng công trình giao thông nhà xưởng

Roads in traffic projects play a very important role in transporting materials and goods. It helps the process of transporting raw materials from the warehouse to the gathering place or to each production workshop faster and easier. At the same time, the process of transporting and delivering goods is also convenient. In addition, collecting trash to ensure a clean and beautiful campus is also easily done.

Factory water supply and drainage system

The water supply and drainage system must ensure a sufficient supply of water with quality and volume to meet the needs of industrial parks and factories. This system also has the function of collecting treated wastewater generated during the factory’s operation and production process.

Xây đựng hệ thống cấp thoát nước nhà xưởng

The water supply and drainage system is divided into categories:
  • Hệ thống cung cấp nguồn nước sạch phục vụ hoạt động sinh hoạt, sản xuất.
  • Hệ thống thu gom nước ô nhiễm để xử lý và thải ra ngoài môi trường. Nguồn nước đã xử lý phải đảm bảo an toàn về sức khỏe và bảo vệ môi trường theo quy định của nhà nước.

Factory electrical system

Xây dựng hệ thống điện nhà xưởng

The power system is the main factor that helps machinery and equipment operate. At the same time, the lighting equipment is operating well and at the right capacity so that the product production process is more accurate. Road areas also need street lighting systems to make movement and production and transportation of goods easier at night.

Communication systems

The factory communication infrastructure includes a light electrical system with the task of managing the transmission and processing of information throughout all areas of the factory.

Xây dựng Hệ thống thông tin liên lạc

Communication infrastructure includes many items such as camera system, internet system, telecommunications, grounding system, television, warning sound system…
Thanks to the communication system, when there is information that needs to be conveyed to all employees in the factory area, the manager only needs to use this system. Information will be transmitted quickly and clearly without having to waste time traveling to the site.

Factory solid waste treatment system

Solid waste is generated in the form of waste products or scraps after the production process at the factory. The decomposition time of industrial solid waste is very long. Depending on the type of solid, the time can vary from several years to several decades or even several hundred years. Therefore, building a factory solid waste treatment system is extremely important and urgent.

Xây dựng Hệ thống xử lý chất thải rắn của nhà máy

Businesses can use many treatment methods such as landfilling, using heat, applying biotechnology, plasma gasification, etc.
Solid waste treatment systems play an important role because:
  • Effectively treats waste but does not emit a lot of gases that pollute the environment.
  • Promotes the decomposition of toxic compounds.
  • Contribute to environmental protection, help keep the environment clean and beautiful and protect the lives of surrounding people.

Unit providing factory infrastructure construction services in Binh Duong

Dịch vụ thi công xây dựng hạ tầng nhà xưởng tại Bình Dương - ANSAKO

In addition to fast, flexible construction methods, reasonable prices but quality and safety are still guaranteed, this is also the reason that ANSAKO is always trusted by customers:
  • Has many years of experience in construction projects, especially factory infrastructure construction.
  • Always ensure that factory infrastructure construction is on schedule as committed.
  • Prices are based on agreement based on the company’s service price and the business’s construction cost estimate.
  • Quality is always guaranteed and safety is always given top priority.

It is the above characteristics that have helped ANSAKO get closer and closer to customers. Factory infrastructure construction projects that ANSAKO carries out are always highly appreciated by customers. That is the motivation for ANSAKO to strive to provide the best quality service to customers. Customers please contact us immediately for advice and information about factory infrastructure construction services in Binh Duong.


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