Prestigious factory maintenance service in Linh Trung III Industrial Park

For industrial parks, the factory system plays an extremely important role. Because the factory is the place where goods production and business activities take place, making an important contribution to the survival and development of the business. Therefore, regular maintenance of the factory is extremely necessary, to ensure the longevity of the factory, timely repair and recovery, and best serve production needs. ANSAKO – a reputable and quality factory maintenance unit in Linh Trung III Industrial Park today in Thu Duc District, City. HCM, will provide you with more useful information about the correct factory maintenance process.

What is factory maintenance like?

Reasons for periodic factory maintenance

bảo trì nhà xưởng KCN Linh Trung III

Is the work of repairing and maintaining the factory to ensure the longevity of the project, ensuring the use and production needs of the business.
Construction projects, especially factory systems, need to be inspected periodically. The purpose of inspection is to detect damaged parts and details so that they can be promptly fixed and repaired to ensure the longevity of the project.
If the factory is not maintained regularly, it will easily cause serious damage and repair costs will be very large. If the case is more serious, it can interrupt the production process.

Factory items require regular maintenance

ANSAKO – factory maintenance company in Tay Ninh, specializes in providing factory maintenance services in Linh Trung III Industrial Park with items such as:
Perform general inspection and maintenance of factory buildings such as floor seepage, wall cracks, walls, columns, beams, foundation settlement columns, deflection of layer components, and electrical connections.
Periodically maintain wastewater and rainwater drainage systems such as gutters, gutters, manholes, gutters, and collection funnels.
Organize periodic inspections of electrical systems or electrical leaks such as phase difference, electrical cabinets, alarm cabinets, and resistances.
Maintain fire protection systems such as fire detectors, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing systems, and central fire alarm cabinets.
Maintain and maintain electromechanical equipment such as fans, pumps, motors or other engines,…
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ANSAKO- provides reputable and quality factory maintenance services in Linh Trung III Industrial Park today!

bảo trì nhà xưởng KCN Linh Trung III

ANSAKO has many years of experience in the field of maintenance of industrial park projects in Linh Trung III, Thu Duc, City. HCM and industrial parks in neighboring provinces. We are always proud to provide our customers with professional, quality service at a reasonable price. When using our service, customers will receive:

  • Consulting and maintenance are provided by a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians with specialized training at famous universities and practical experience at many projects.
  • We own a modern support machinery system to help carry out work quickly and effectively. Careful and meticulous maintenance and construction according to professional standards. Professional and quick construction process. Ensure completion on schedule as agreed with the investor.
  • During the maintenance process, replacement materials are clearly quoted and genuine quality is guaranteed for all types of machinery and equipment.
  • Reasonable and competitive maintenance costs. Long-term warranty, always ready to support customers 24/7, dedicated and thoughtful.

Please contact ANSAKO immediately – the reputable factory maintenance unit of Linh Trung III Industrial Park, we hope to make customers feel secure and absolutely satisfied!

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