Industrial park factory painting service in Binh Duong

Customer demand for factory painting is increasingly high. This not only affects the aesthetics but also affects the entire production process at the factory. Not every unit can complete factory painting services and bring customers absolute satisfaction. As a unit specializing in providing industrial factory painting services in Binh Duong with many years of experience, ANSAKO always ensures to provide good service and best meet customer requirements,

Painting construction of industrial park factory in Binh Duong

Reasons to paint factories in industrial parks

The factory is the place where the enterprise’s production work is carried out. The factory is affected by many external forces, including the mechanical impact of people, machines, forklifts, and even the chemical impact of corrosive chemicals or grease.
Lý do cần sơn nhà xưởng khu công nghiệp
Reasons to paint industrial factory buildings
If damaged or degraded, repair will be very difficult. Because the repair process will greatly affect the production process of the enterprise. Therefore, the best measure that businesses need to apply is to use factory painting services.
Previously, the concrete floor of the factory only needed to be poured with one layer of concrete to be able to move to the machine installation stage and start production immediately. However, today most businesses are aiming for ISO or European standards, so businesses must decide to paint the factory. This is also an affirmation of the reputation and quality of the business to customers, consumers and partners.


Prepare before performing the industrial park factory painting service in Binh Duong

Prepare technically

Many people think that painting a factory is really as simple as painting a house. However, the job of painting a factory is not that simple. In order for the factory floor to achieve the best quality, it must be carefully prepared right from the step of pouring concrete. Because the concrete surface of the factory floor affects the quality and construction, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues:

Use quality concrete with commercial concrete grade of 250 or higher.

  • At the same time, carry out reverse waterproofing for the foundation before pouring concrete. The method that can be applied to waterproof is lining two layers of plastic, spreading geotextile fabric or spreading bitumen membrane.
  • Then take the standard floor level, use a trowel to make the factory floor flat. Do not harden the floor because this will reduce the adhesion of the paint to the concrete floor.

Some types of paint for factories

Currently, factory floor paint products usually include 3 main product lines: topcoat paint, self-flow paint and anti-static paint. Each type of paint has different applications as follows:

  • Coating used with light to medium load requirements.
  • Self-leveling paint is a product used for factories with high load-bearing requirements. In particular, this type of paint has high antibacterial and anti-mold properties.
  • Antistatic paint has the ability to control static electricity and is often used in the electronics industry.

Industrial park factory painting items in Binh Duong

For factories in industrial zones, after a period of production, they need to paint the walls to prevent mold and mildew to limit insects in the factory. That’s why we provide a full range of factory painting services, including;

  • Paint the walls inside and outside the factory
  • Paint the factory fence
  • Prevent mold and mildew on factory walls,…

Quotation for factory painting in Binh Duong industrial park by ANSAKO

When making a quote for painting an industrial park factory or factory fence, we must survey to calculate the area and determine the work items to be done, from there we can issue a service quote to the Investor. Private.
Please contact us via HOTLINE: 0973 074 007 for quote advice.

Process of implementing factory painting service in Binh Duong Industrial Park

Thực hiện sơn nhà xưởng KCN tại Bình Dương

The factory painting process includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Grind and treat the factory surface to be constructed. In this step, you can use an industrial grinder equipped with a diamond grinding disc to grind and process the entire surface. At the same time, remove weak concrete floors, creating roughness and adhesion to the factory surface.
  • Step 2: Apply the primer layer to help strengthen the surface and create an intermediate bond between the concrete and the paint layer.
  • Step 3: Treat protruding or damaged surfaces.
  • Step 4: Apply the first coat of paint and after the first coat is relatively dry and complete, apply the second coat. The second coat of paint is considered the finishing coat for factory painting.
  • Step 5: After the second coat of paint is relatively dry, people and light objects can move on the surface. The construction unit and business together began to conduct inspection, evaluation and acceptance.


Benefits of using industrial park factory painting service in Binh Duong from ANSAKO

ANSAKO is always confident that it can bring customers the highest quality factory painting projects. Because the company owns a team of highly skilled staff and knowledgeable about aesthetics. The company always updates the most modern and advanced painting techniques to suit each customer’s conditions.

Hoàn thiện sơn nhà xưởng khu công nghiệp tại Bình Dương từ ANSAKO

Complete painting of industrial park factory in Binh Duong from ANSAKO
At the same time, ANSAKO always invests in machinery with modern technology because factory painting construction always requires a very high level of meticulousness and meticulousness.
Customers who need to consult and use industrial park factory painting services in Binh Duong can contact ANSAKO directly. We always provide quick, professional support and provide reasonable prices for customers.

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Commitment to the quality of projects constructed by ANSAKO

  • Projects constructed by us will be warranted and maintained based on the items performed. We are committed to performing the right quality and work as agreed upon by both parties. For items that are out of warranty period, when the factory needs our support, we will be there within 24 hours to assist with processing. Repair and renovation costs will be agreed upon by both parties before proceeding with the work.
  • With many years of experience in factory renovation, we are committed to providing the right products, the right quality, the right type, and the right price to the factory. We will fully provide all legal documents for renovation construction to the Investor.
  • The construction supervision process is always thoroughly checked before handing over to the Investor. Customers can be completely assured about the progress and quality of the project.

Some services related to ANSAKO’s factory repair

In addition to accepting ANSAKO’s factory repair work, we also provide the following services:

  • Construction and repair of Binh Duong Industrial Park factory
  • Factory renovation
  • Factory paint, factory fence paint
  • Construction of internal infrastructure roads
  • Installing the industrial park factory transformer station
  • Construction of factory and preparation of construction completion documents in Binh Duong.

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