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Factory repair in Binh Duong is a construction service for factories and plants that need repair when encountering damage such as leaky, degraded corrugated iron roofs, damaged fences, moldy walls that need to be painted. In addition, the factory floor is damaged, etc. One of the causes of damage is that it will degrade due to long-term use. For timely and quick repair, please contact us HOTLINE 0973 074 007.

Thi công sửa chữa nhà xưởng tại Vsip
Factory repair construction at Vsip

Factory repair items in Binh Duong

Our factory repair and construction service items in Binh Duong include:

  • Construction and repair of factory lighting systems.

  • Construction and repair of factory central air conditioning system.

  • Renovate the campus system around the factory facility.

  • Construction and renovation services for wastewater treatment systems.

  • Receive maintenance and repair of fire protection systems.

  • Renovation and Epoxy painting services for workshops and factories.

  • Waterproofing the factory, preventing leaks, adding corrugated iron roofing, and heat-proofing the factory.

  • Construction and installation of panels for rooms, warehouses, and new areas.

Our construction services are fully provided in districts and industrial parks in Binh Duong.

The importance of quick factory repairs

The factory is very important to the manufacturing plant, so damage to the factory will seriously affect the production process of the Enterprise. Quickly repairing the factory will help the factory’s production operate soon and not greatly affect the factory’s output.
Normally, a factory that has been in use for about 3-5 years needs to repair and upgrade a few items such as repainting walls, repainting fences, upgrading corrugated iron roofs, etc. The factory is also given special attention when Customers visit and evaluate the Enterprise’s factory. Therefore, the face of the factory can be said to represent the face of the Enterprise in terms of production work.
If a factory is degraded and not repaired, it proves that the Enterprise does not care about the facilities, does not care about the workers, … and so it can be said that the products of that factory are poor. not appreciated. Therefore, factory repair in Binh Duong needs to be focused on factories in industrial parks in Binh Duong.
Sơn tường nhà xưởng chống ẩm mốc
Paint factory walls to prevent mold

ANSAKO’s Binh Duong factory repair process

Understanding the factory repair process is essential for the factory before making the decision to choose ANSAKO to perform.

Receive requests and survey the actual damage of the factory in Binh Duong

After receiving the factory’s request information, within 24 hours we will go directly to the factory site to survey and discuss specific requirements from the Enterprise.
The survey will be photographed and measured (if necessary) at the factory. We will evaluate and offer repair solutions to achieve the most effective results after construction.

Quote for factory repair work based on request

After surveying, we will make a quote and send it to the Business for the person in charge to contact. If the Enterprise approves the quote, a PO will be issued and a contract will be made between the two parties for the factory repair work.

Bảng báo giá cải tạo nhà xưởng
Factory renovation price quote

Deploying factory repair and renovation in Binh Duong

The implementation of factory repair work will depend on the factory’s working hours. Both parties must agree on the construction time before performing repairs so as not to disrupt the factory’s production process.
ANSAKO will have a clear construction schedule to send to the Enterprise and commit to implementing it on schedule.

Complete and hand over the factory repair project in Binh Duong

After completing the construction progress, we will synthesize the construction items to hand over to the Enterprise. In our manual there will be full instructions on routine maintenance as well as hotline numbers for quick support when the plant needs it.

Notes to avoid damage to the factory during use

In order for the factory to operate continuously and for a long time, it is required that the factory must have periodic inspections to promptly repair the smallest problems to avoid damage that can lead to long repair times. and costs a lot.

Periodically check the factory condition to promptly handle deterioration

  • Carefully check materials and construction quality upon receipt and handover
  • Periodically check the roof and steel trusses in the factory to repair immediately when damage is detected.
  • Carry out regular inspection and maintenance and quickly fix any deterioration or damage in the workshop.

Harmful effects of not repairing the factory promptly

Under the influence of many factors during operation such as machinery, weather, people, etc., the factory will show some signs of deterioration such as the floor sinking, cracking, breaking or peeling. This will lead to a number of effects such as:
  • Severely affects the aesthetics of the factory as well as the face of the entire industrial park.
  • Affects production progress and productivity of the enterprise.
  • Affects the process of moving objects and machinery.
  • Peeling paint and dusty factory surfaces will potentially reduce business development.

Choose a reputable industrial park factory repair service in Binh Duong

Choosing a factory repair unit is as important as choosing the original factory construction unit. The construction process must ensure that it both meets the original structure, has both quality and aesthetics. Repair construction time must be quick so as not to affect production activities in the industrial park too much. Materials selected during the repair process must also ensure quality so that the project can continue to be used for a long time. Furthermore, the construction price must also be guaranteed to be at a suitable level and equivalent to the quality.

Dịch vụ sửa chữa nhà xưởng tại KCN Bình Dương của Ansako

Because of the above conditions, customers should trust in using ANSAKO’s services. ANSAKO Company always tries to perfectly meet the above conditions. In addition, ANSAKO is also trusted by many customers for the following reasons:
Have a professional design and construction plan and strategy.
Experienced team of engineers and repair workers.
Committed to the quality, durability of the project and warranty support in the most reputable way.
High quality service with competitive costs.
Always know how to affirm reputation and brand through completed repair projects.
ANSAKO is always dedicated, enthusiastic and professional when providing services to customers with the desire to bring the best value to customers. We are always ready to answer customers’ questions in the most dedicated and detailed way. Please contact ANSAKO for advice and quotes on industrial park factory repair services in Binh Duong.


Commitment to the quality of projects constructed by ANSAKO

  • Projects constructed by us will be warranted and maintained based on the items performed. We are committed to performing the right quality and work as agreed upon by both parties. For items that are out of warranty period, when the factory needs our support, we will be there within 24 hours to assist with processing. Repair and renovation costs will be agreed upon by both parties before proceeding with the work.
  • With many years of experience in factory renovation, we are committed to providing the right products, the right quality, the right type, and the right price to the factory. We will fully provide all legal documents for renovation construction to the Investor.
  • The construction supervision process is always thoroughly checked before handing over to the Investor. Customers can be completely assured about the progress and quality of the project.

Some services related to ANSAKO’s factory repair

In addition to accepting ANSAKO’s factory repair work, we also provide the following services:

  • Renovating Binh Duong factory
  • Factory paint, factory fence paint
  • Construction of internal infrastructure roads
  • Installing the industrial park factory transformer station
  • Construction of factory and preparation of construction completion documents in Binh Duong.

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